AllanVigil Ford

AllanVigil Ford

AllanVigil Ford Jeff Murrel,Sherril Grover,Monte Gambelle Ford a huge dealership treated me with no respect,took $2,343.78 from my extended warranty coverage, for my transmisson to be,replace put in a bad transmission and it still runs the same way. I Took i Morrow, Georgia!!. I had my daughter to take my Ford Van to get it checked out because it was not changing gears properly,and i had fractured my knee to Allan Vigil Ford in Morrow Ga.which i thought were the best auto machanic i could find to fix my transmission. they took $2,343,78 from my extended warranty after they had approved them to fix it, Sherrill Grover and i had been talking back and forth concerning the Van So i would know how much i had to pay up front. She change the price three times.I had sent my contract to her which she never return. The warranty company came out ,and approved for Ford to put a use transmission in my van..Sherrill called me a few weeks later and told me i could pick it up. She came back to the phone , and told me , that there were a note on the paper work , stating the transmission was not pulling right; I ask to speck to her manager she refuse to let me talk with him, and ask me to give her until the following monday ,that she would order another one, now this was on a friday, and it would be ready by tuesday I finally talk with Jeff Murellll And Monty Gambelle, they told me they would check things out, On monday they had me to pick it up. and it still was doing the same thing it was doing when i took it to their shop, I called them after my daughter picked it up and i road in it ,Jeff told me he did not think it was anything wrong with it ,but to bring it back , so i drove it for a month and it still was doing the same, i took it back they kept for a couple of hours , and told me there wasn’t anything wrong with the transmission. i took it two AMACO .AND PERCISSION , They both said the transmission was bad and needed to be rebuild, and was low in transmision fluid ,I call mr Murrell he told me i needed a tune up. i had that done ,and called him back to tell him it was still not changing gears , he fefuse to call me back ,,I am disable i can’t walk and in a whelel chair , i need my van to work i have all of my hanicap equitment in it, and have no money to get it fixed again.

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