Alliance & Associates Financial Services, Inc.

Alliance & Associates Financial Services, Inc.

Terrible co. & horrible customer service. They will tell you what they think you want to hear in order to sell u a policy! Biggest mistake in my all my years as customer purchasing a home owners policy. I wasn’t unhappy w my former agent/insurance co., but due to higher increased premiums in the past 2 yrs I decided to shop around. | The agent, Jason Minton convinced me to go w Sothern Fidelty Property & Casualty (SFI), as he stated they write policies on homes w roofs 25 yrs & under, w/o an inspection. Granted my roof is the original roof, 23 yrs old, but we have no leaks, holes, or wind mitigation issues. I put my faith in Jason Minton & SFI. Minton arranged to have my escrow paid to SFI 30 days before my policy went into effect. | I asked Minton 2 x were was my copy of the policy over a 4 week period, & was told SFI will be sending it via mail. Six days into the new policy, SFI cancelled my policy with less than a 30-day notice. It stated it was due to the age/condition of my roof yet no further details were provided. I first found out about the cancellation policy via a one sentence email from my agent Jason Minton. No apologies, offer to help etc. | After calling diff customer service reps at A & A & getting the run around, two rep’s promised to look into this but never followed through. I finally got a hold of Minton & asked him how this could have happened. He failed to disclose until now that insurance companies have 90 days to complete an inspection, cancel etc. I reminded him of the fact he sold me on SFI due to them not requiring an inspection. His non chalant answer was he was surprised that this happened as he writes policies for them frequently. I pointed out did he honestly think I would have changed agents/insurance companies. if I had known this 90-day clause was a possibility? He said “probably not”. I also stressed that if SFI had done an inspection before my old policy had expired, I wouldn’t be in this nightmare as I could have stayed w my old agent/inurance co. | Minton promised to see if he could get more info from SFI, along with trying to get me more time to secure another policy. Minton never called me back! Being cancelled by SFI (we’ve never been cancelled by any insurance co. in our lives), has caused us to be non-insurable w/o getting a new roof. Financially, we are unable to get a new roof, and this has put us under extreme stress/hardship. Worst AGENT EVER!!

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