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Alliance Nissan

Alliance Nissan Lie to Make You Buy – Misrepresenting Loan Information Elizabeth City North Carolina!!. My husband, our 7 month old baby, and I stopped into Alliance Nissan of Elizabeth City several weeks ago for a recall repair to one of our vehicles. While there, I decided to look around the lot for an upgraded version of our car. I was immediately approached by a sales representative who was more than willing to help. After I told her what I was looking for, another sales representative approached us who, again, asked us what we were looking for. Again, I explained to this new rep. that we were looking for an upgraded version of our current vehicle. When she asked for our price range, I told her that I would like to stay very close to our current loan amount but was willing to put up several thousand for a down payment. Our current loan was with BB&T at around $250 per month which had an initial term of 60 months. The agent and her manager had all of this information on hand as they required it in order to value our vehicle for trade-in. After numerous cars were presented to us that were outside our budget, the sales representative finally decided to show us a car that matched what we were looking for. After the sales rep did her routine of “asking the manager for pricing” she told us the car would be just under $300 a month. I told her again that this would not work and that we had to be very close to the original loan. After her next “ask the manager” routine, we were approached with an offer around $280 a month, which I again declined. Finally I approached her and the manager and said that if we couldn’t work out a deal at the amount I was asking, then I am patient and am more than happy to come back again when the right car comes along. They finally presented a monthly payment of around $255 along with a down payment of $3,000. After talking to my husband, we agreed that this was a fair price and shook on the deal. My husband and I were told to sit for a while as, since the company was very busy that day, we had to wait quite some time to speak to the person in charge of loan originations. We told their employees numerous times that after being at the company for more than five hours, our child was becoming very fussy and we needed to go. When the loan officer finally approached us, we informed him, as we did the others, that we needed to get out quickly because of the baby. I told him that as long as all the paperwork is standard, just show us where to sign so we can quickly get the baby home. He was happy to agree and pointed out each part we had to sign. So we left on a good note, and I was very happy with my experience. However, I just recently received our first loan payment and I immediately saw that the loan amount due is quite high. After looking through the paperwork, I see that the term is for 75 months (NOT FOR THE 60 MONTHS OF MY ORIGINAL LOAN), which was NEVER told to my husband or I during the entire five to six hours that we were at the dealership. I don’t know how many times I could have told all the employees at the office that my loan had to be very close to what we were dealing with now. So needless to say, when I saw this paperwork today, I was, and am, left with a very sour taste in my mouth from the deceit of Alliance Nissan’s staff. My husband and I have tried calling and Emailing the company for the past week, but no one in a management position is willing to contact us back. This company is fully aware of the dishonest practice that took place, yet management has refused to make any acknowledgement to me that they are investigating this issue. This dealership will lie to make you buy, so stay far away from this dishonest and unprofessional business. There are many other Nissan dealerships in the local area, so you would be wise to go to one of these other, more professional, establishments.

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