Alliance Towing and Recovery

Alliance Towing and Recovery

Alliance Towing and Recovery Towed legally parked car from side of road while on a 3 hour hike, threatened us with violence when confronted Phoenix Arizona!!. My wife and I went for an early morning hike a few days ago, and left our newer car parked on the side of the road, which was perfectly legal.Our car was missing when we returned back to where we left it a few hours later. We called the police and were told that Alliance Towing had reported it as an abandoned vehicle and towed it away. There was no police involvement and the police said that it was a private tow.I called the tow company and spoke with an extremely rude gentleman who told me that we owed them $105 for the tow, and $15 for a day of storage. He refused to comment on why they took the car and was a complete a**hole.We ended up leaving the car for an additional day because of time constraints, which we were told would cost $15 more, however the next day, my wife went on-site and he tried to charge us for four days of storage, which came to $165.I called and asked him what the additional charges were for, and he really stuck to his guns on trying to charge us for four days.I finally told him that I was going to demand my car back and not pay him a dime, due to his shady practices and bad attitude. He threatened collections, and even said to come down there so he could kick my a**.These kinds of people are thieves who use legal loopholes and intimidation to extort people and take possession of their cars.I later found out that he filed for an abandoned vehicle title that was three days earlier than the date he reported picking it up.Someone should put these idiots out of business before they try and pull this on the wrong person and make a big mess for themselves.

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