Allied AT&T Roadside Assistance

Allied AT&T Roadside Assistance

Allied AT&T Roadside Assistance They were given strict instructions not to start the vehicle those instructions weren’t followed. They accept no responsibility. Nationwide!!. I had called to have my vehicle towed home due to a faulty oil pump. During dispatch I instructed them “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WERE THEY TO START MY VEHICLE” it was reiterated that it had a faulty oil pump and was repeated back to me exactly as stated. The wrecker service arrived loaded the truck. Delivered the truck to my home where my husband was there to receive it. The driver attempted to drop the truck in the road and my husband stated that he needed to pull the truck into the driveway. At which time the driver turned and looked at him stating that “its just an oil pump its drivable!” I’M SORRY A VEHICLE WITH ZERO OIL PRESSURE SHOULD NOT BE STARTED PERIOD!!! The driver proceeded to drop the truck in the middle of the street and left! When I expressed my many concerns with this situation to the company in which I hired and paid (allied) they proceeded to tell me that I need to take it up with the provider. I didn’t pay the provider I paid allied (ATT ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE) They accepted no responsibility. I laid it out in a different scenario “if you call a construction company and ask them to make repairs in your home but specifically ask that they do not remove the drywall on a certain wall, and they do it anyhow the company in which you paid would be responsible. Regardless of whether or not the Technician or laborer was a sub contractor or not it falls on the hired company. They then determine the consequences for their employee (1099 or not they are still employee’s)!!! I spoke with travis who was just a dispatcher for allied. Travis went to his supervisor who was less than helpful. I requested to speak with the supervisor who then got on the phone and said “hello there ” as though this was a causal phone call to a friend no name, no introduction. I requested his name (Michael) and proceeded to explain the problem he proceeded to argue. Did the provider start the vehicle? No he didnt but he did drop it in the middle of a public right of way leaving no choice but to start it to move it. His response “he didnt start it” are you kidding me?! It can’t be pushed especially by one lone person it’s a 2500 HD lifted 8 inches! This driver argued with the owner of the vehicle that it was drivable (it’s only an oil pump!) After 20 minutes of aimless argument and no offer of not even so much as a refund for the faulty services I was told to calm down and call the provider as allied isn’t responsible they are sub contracted providers! I paid ALLIED not the provider!!! I spoke with the provider who is having the owner return my call. Allied is a joke. This isn’t my first run in. The last time I called for service they wouldn’t tow due to dead head mileage and said sorry. I agreed to pay for dead head miles to get my vehicle where it needed to go and paid them over $100 to do so. They charged my card the wrong amount called me to ask for more money then the provider called and stated that they cant send a truck as the virtual credit card they use to pay the provider declined. This took 3 hours and 27 minutes to rectify! Meanwhile I’m broke down in a snotty gas station parking lot with 2 kids! Again sorry for the trouble have a good night! This place is RIDICULOUS! DON’T waste your time!

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