Allied Automotive

Allied Automotive

Allied Automotive Very Rude, Sarcastic and Hostile Seminole Florida!!. I stopped at Allied Automotive on Monday, 7/7/14 to look at used trucks. I have been there in the past and although I have not bought a vehicle there the owner was very nice and helpful. On Monday, it started raining, but since I was driving past the place I decided to stop and look anyway. They had a Ford Ranger and Chevy S-10, and as I was looking them over a guy with an umbrella came out and asked if he could help. I asked general questions as to engine size and mileage, then on the Chevy I asked if it had been in an accident since the door and fender on the drivers side were slightly different colored. he came back with how would he know? I said since the auto was for sale and they purchased it somewhere I assumed they would. He immediately became sarcastic, saying I was wasting his time out in the rain, and I said [sarcasticly], if I could stand in the rain he should be able to answer questions about his vehicles while under an umbrella. He said nobody in Florida would stand out and sell cars in the rain, and I should leave the lot. I said thats just stupid, and he then wanted my plate number to call the police to have me removed if needed. I told him to go fly a kite[maybe not in those exact words], and left. I do not know if this was a new owner or a salesperson, it was not who I had spoken to a year or so before. This guy never introduced himself, but he’s probably 30’s -40’s, dark hair, and very poor attitude. If he’s a salesman, he should be fired. I would have gone inside if the rain was such a problem for him, but was never invited. I deal with the public everyday, for a living, and have also sold cars before, but it took great restraint on my part to not drop him on his butt in the parking lot, if he greats you at this car lot, ask for someone else.

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