Allied Funding Group

Allied Funding Group

Allied Funding Group Benjamin Koifman Edward Veisman FBI Convicted Criminals rip-off small businesses and workers! Freehold Borough New Jersey!!. 2 Men Benjamin Koifmand and Edward Veisman owners of Allied Funding Group in Freehold, NJ and Brooklyn, NY got out of Prison in 2018 and have since been back to thier old ways….FBI ARTICLE BELOW: These men are co-defendants on a 20 million dollar hedge fund scam and should not even own a company together. They hold a company with dozens of cold callers soliciting extremely high rate, unsecured business loans… but swindle thier employees out of tens of thousands in comission earned…and overcharge thier customers thousands in interest per loan! Futhermore, they each owe 7 million in restitution and do not pay one penny because they business is other people names. They are making hundreds of thousands monlthy and MILLIONS yearly and need to be stopped. DO not fall victim to these greedy scammers. Once uncle sam finds out these guys will be in prison for years…

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