Allstate Auto Insurance Company

Allstate Auto Insurance Company

Allstate Auto Insurance Company-a Company you do not want to have Adding somone to my policy without my permission and would not remove them Pittsboro North Carolina!!. I have had Allstate for a very long time and had no issue with the service until they decided to add someone to my auto policy without my authentication and then refused to take them off unless I go out and find the persons insurance information and report it back to them.For one this is not my place to do so and two this information is personal and not for me to give to anyone. I called the North Carolina Department of Insurance and talk to them about this issue and they did state that its a policy of Allstate that they ( Department of Insurance) does not support, but nothing they could do about it.There’s no law that controls what a insurance company can do to you , on this subject and of course no law that states that you have to provide them any information not pertaining only to you.If someone puts your address down as theirs then when Allstate fines out then they will add this person or personsto your account and you will be carrying someone else and their liability without your knowledge and paying the additional cost per month or year for them .I was never called to approve this person or the change.I think all present Allstate insurance holders should cancel and let them know why so maybe we can get this type of behavior stopped and send a note to Thomas J. Wilson Chairman, President & Chief Executive OfficerThe Allstate Corporation I can put your address down somewhere on a document so it becomes publice knowldge and when Allstate finds it you will have to pay additional premium for insurance or cancel because I will not give you my insurance information or anything else to get it off. It comes down to allstate taking a total strangers word against yours as the policy holder , very sad . If you think this is fare and that insurance companies should have the right to do so then you should be very happy with Allstate, but wait until this happens to you and you can do noting about it. I talked to Allstate and they informed me that if I did not pay the increase on my policy caused by adding this person that I would have to pay late fees and penalties , they sent me to collections for an issue I did not create in the first place, sorry I ever had Allstate insurance . I hope you will remember this letter eventime you think you are in Good Handes Well I canceled all my insurance , 4 cars,4 houses and a motorcycle , but I don’t think they care , went with USAA , lower rates , saved money, so Thank you Allstate

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