Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate Insurance Company FreeLand Insurance Agency Did not put policy in. Now they are charging me to fix thier mistake. Charter Township of Clinton Michigan!!. I bundled my homeowners and auto insurance with allstate ins back in July 2017. Iwent through FreeLand Ins Agency. I set it up on automatic withdrawl out of my bank account. Someone at this office messed up and only put my homeowners in the system well my birthday was on February 10 I went to get my plates and needless to say I have been driving all around with no insurance coverage on my vehicles.For 7 mths I thought I was insured but was not.Now I have been without a vehicle since my birthday because I can’t get my plates. No proof of Ins. I was told in order to get a proof of insurance I have to pay 460.46 for the old policy from July 2019 to Jan 2018 to pay for ins I never had. Then I have to pay 217.00 for the policy from Jan2018 to Feb 2018. I feel I should only have to pay at the most Jan and Feb of this year. I should not have to pay for last years when I never had it. Its not my fault someone in the office made a huge mistake and they didn’t get thier money for that period of time I didn’t get coverage. Thank God I didn’t get in a accident during those months with no coverage!!! I have been 8 days so far with no plates or vehicles no proof of ins while they were trying to cover thier mess up so it will look like I had coverage the whole time so no one will know I have been driving around with no coverage due to thier mistake. Now it is the weekend and Monday is a holiday so we are up to 11 days with no vehicles. I have been on the phone for a week trying to get a proof of ins. I have been bounced around from person to person like a yo-yo, I have been hung up on and sent to countless answering machines. I have left messages and still waiting for call backs but I won’t hold my breath on that. What a mess. I also have to pay a extra 20.00 to get my plates now because they are past due. Just remember the motto at Allstate “you are in good hands”. I would hate to see the bad hands.

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