Allstate Roadside Assistance Novo 1

Allstate Roadside Assistance Novo 1

Allstate Roadside Assistance/Novo 1 Run from these con artists/liars Fort Worth Texas!!. First of all, it makes me sad to see all the reports of tow truck companies that are not being paid. Secondly, there is a reason for this. You are not actually dealing with Allstate Insurance when you sign up for roadside assistance. You are routed to one of three or four call centers that pay their workers 8 to 9 dollars an hour. The name of the company is Novo 1. It is pure slave labor and they treat their employees like dirt. How? They do not let them use the restroom and browbeat them if they miss one word in a script. That is not providing customer service. They hire people on the spot, keep them for 90 days, then fire most of them and start the process again. Novo 1 gets all this media coverage for creating “600 jobs.” I don’t doubt that they do, but these are “jobs” not actual new positions. It’s a lie. When the employees try to get a supervisor to help override something or otherwise help a customer, they are stonewalled and the supervisor waddles around taking his or her time to get to the customer. They do not have an extensive network of towing companies and I’m guessing it’s because – from what I’ve read here – they are not being paid. For that reason, sometimes people are left stranded. When tow truck providers are busy, they won’t touch these Novo 1 calls with a ten foot pole. Agents must then tell the customer to call the local police department. This happens ALL the time. So not only is the customer paying for roadside assistance he can’t use, he’ll pay whatever the going rate is for the “police department’s” contractor. Then they tell the customer to get reimbursed. Lots of complaints over people never getting that money, too. It’s all about how fast Novo1 can get the customers off the phone. The company cares nothing about the customers and the agents who sincerely try to help the customers are sent packing. The call center is a third party service. The middle man company also is not Allstate. If Allstate knew what was going on, they would – or should – pull out of Novo 1 because they are not providing good customer service and in my opinion they are ruining Allstate’s brand and reputation. It’s very cheap labor and you have either people who are newly unemployed and just needed the first thing that came along, or people who absolutely who cannot get hired anywhere else. That’s who their employees are. The same call center also provides roadside assistance for Verizon Mobile and ATT mobile. Same story as above. Say “no” to “novo1” and it’s poor treatment of both employees and customers. Go with TripleA. It’s more expensive but you won’t have this level of hassle to contend with. You get what you pay for.

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