Allstate Roadside

Allstate Roadside

Allstate Roadside Allstate left me for Dead TWICE Internet!!. MY MULTIPLE ABUSES AT THE GOOD HANDS OF ALLSTATE My vehicle need a jump. I called the Allstate people and they dispatched some independent contractor. He came out to the lonely country road and said YOU OWE ME MORE MONEY. Call Allstate! I said I already paid for the call. What he was going on about was that he wanted me to pay an earlier call that Allstate made to him but cancelled. I refused. Overnight when the vehicle was parked some thief stole one of the RV batteries. He looked at it and said “I’m outta here.” I said, hey, drive me to an auto parts store. He said “no way.” I said, “you’re going to leave me in the middle of nowhere-a fellow human being?” He said “I don’t think Allstate will fire me because I do.” He then cursed at me and said that even though I paid Allstate $50 for the jump that he only got EIGHT BUCKS of that. He then peeled out and the dirt and the gravel hit my pants. I then walked about 2 miles to a real estate office and called AllState again. I said what happened and Allstate informed me that I would get no refund as he actually came out to me and then told me to go to h**l. I then told the man that I had a 6 wheel vehicle with an empty shell on the back. He then said he would send a truck to tow me to an auto parts store. The tow bed truck shows up an hour late and the man says “I’m not going to put that on the truck. It’s too heavy.” i said, Its just a Ford 450 with an empty shell on the back” He got into his truck and drove away. I then walked another two miles and found a local to drive me to an auto parts store where I got two new batteries and she started up. So there you go-YOU may pay $75 for the service but ALLSTATE pays them $8 so then don’t give a d**n about you at all. I told Allstate that they don’t give a d**n about Allstate’s customers and Allstate said “well, they skip having to pay advertising costs to get customers so we are not being unfair.” So if you would like the same kick in the a*s that I got from Allstate and its TWO towing contractors then go ahead and give them your money. Otherwise, go with Good Sam or AAA. If it looks too good to be true-it is. BTW, the credit card company said they will be pleased to take these two charges off of my credit card bill as they did not provide services as promised.

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