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I had the same problems as those already posted. I got a pop up to try the cream. Then I got the pop up to try the eye cream. I read everything to ensure I wasn’t signing up for anything I didn’t want. I didn’t see anything that was going to rope me into something I didn’t want….until I got charged almost $200 today. I researched the charges and figured out what they were. The customer service people are a joke. I was not kind because they are scammers. | Guy threatened to hang up on me several times. Told me he would give me a partial refund since I overlooked the non existant 14 day trial info. I asked for someone else and he refused and said I could call back and take my chances and that I would not get a partial refund. I hung up and interestingly enough I got a partial refund. I told him I would contact my attorney multiple times and he basically said it won’t do you any good. Funny he gave me a partial refund when I hung up on him. This company is a piece of crap. Do not order the trial. They will screw you hard.

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