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All my troubles started when I purchased an engagement ring from Allurez using their website at the beginning of December 2018. They quickly sent me an email asking me to send them a copy of my identification and credit card information. They claimed it was to verify my identity, but if this email were intercepted (and it is impossible to send a secure email due to the way emails works), my identity could be stolen. I refused to send this information by email and asked for a different method of verification. Allurez assured me that my credit card would not be processed and recommended that I repeat the purchase using Amazon Payments. I believed them and made another purchase though Amazon Payments. A few days later I realized that Allurez processed the first payment after all. Without verifying my identity (which they claimed was for MY protection), they charged my credit card anyway. $6, 700. Through Amazon Payments, they charged me again. Another $6, 700. My credit card account was now overdrawn. I incurred an over limit fee through my credit card company. They did process the refund for the first charge, but their website showed everything in Canadian dollars, but I was charged in US dollars. I lost almost $200 due to currency exchange. At this point I was very angry with Allurez and asked them to cancel my second order and return my money. They asked why I wanted to cancel. I wrote back. They never replied. After repeated failed attempts to email them and call them, I was finally able to get in touch with them, at which point I was informed that they didn”t know anything about any cancellation request, and my order was being processed. Again, I asked to cancel, but was told that it has been over 24 hours since my order was placed, and I could not cancel. I told Allurez that I wanted a refund (I was well within their 30-day refund policy). Allurez told me that the ring is already being made, and whether I want to return it or not, the ring would be shipped to me anyway, and I would have to pay shipping in both directions. I said it was silly to ship the ring to me when I am going to return it anyway. They said that there was nothing they could do. Imagine that! With today”s technology, Allurez was unable to pick up the phone and call the shipping department to hold the order. It”s worth mentioning that the ring did not ship for another two weeks after I informed Allurez I would be returning it. After the ring arrived in my home town, I received a call from the shipping company (FedEx) who informed me that I had to pay a customs fee to receive the ring. They also asked me whether it was true that the worth of the ring was only $2, 000. Naturally, I said it wasn”t true, since I bought the ring for $6, 700. At this point I started to suspect that Allurez is involved in intentionally undervaluing products for the customs in order to circumvent customs fees to appear more attractive to international markets. Later, I received confrimation of this from one of their agents named Greg. This is what he wrote in an email: “In regards to FedEx, we at Allurez intentionally declare the worth of a ring to be only $2, 000 in order to benefit our international clientele. As per our policy, you as the client will have to pay customs fees, for an international order. If the declared value of the engagement ring was higher in cost, you would have to pay more custom fees to receive the ring from FedEx. This therefore benefits you, by keeping the declared value of the engagement ring low.” I asked the FedEx representative to ship the ring back, but a few days later I found out that FedEx could not ship it back because Allurez asked to put a hold on the return. For the past month (all of January), I”ve been sending repeat emails to their customer service both asking and beginning to process my return, but they keep pressuring me to change my mind and accept the ring. Their agents (who change on a rotating basis), repeatedly ask me why I want to return the ring even though their return policy states that I can return it for any reason and continue telling me that I must accept the package. At this point, I have no idea whether the ring is still waiting at FedEx or not, and Allurez agents continue to deny everything and refuse to make any concessions. Allurez: – Advertises their products in local currency but charges customers in US dollars without any warning. – Requires that international purchasers send their identification and credit card information via the least secure method of communication – email, – which can easily become the tool by which someone can steal your identity. – Double charges their customers and refuses to accept responsibility for any credit card overages that occur as a result. – Has incredibly rude, inattentive and inconsistent customer service agents who hang up on you on the phone when they do not want to listen to you and ignore your emails for days and sometimes weeks. – Engages in shady business practices, such as shipping items when a customer has unequivocally requested that an order be cancelled or refunded. – Falsely undervalues items for customs to circumvent international trade and customs laws. – Pressures customers into accepting the purchase and refuses to provide refunds. Worst of all, Allurez turns the dreams of an engagement to someone you love with all your heart into a nightmare. Asking the woman you love to marry you with a perfect ring is supposed to be a wonderful life-changing experience, and Allurez has turned this experience into one of the worst experiences of my life. There are many other complains on this website about Allurez – people describing similar experience. Each of those complaints has the following comment: “This review is 100% False, and written by a competitor. I have been buying from this company for years and have refereed many friends and family members to them and they are all happy. Their craftsmanship is amazing! You can see their real reviews on Buy form them and you will be happy.” This is yet another example of their duplicity. They direct the visitors of this website to a website with false unverified reviews. I”m sure that before long, the same comment will appear below this review… Beware of Allurez. Do NOT buy from them. Do not make the mistake I made. Read real reviews about the company from which you decide to purchase engagement rings. May your experience be better than mine. I”ve attached my receipt to verify the authenticity of my order.

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