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I have tried for several months to discuss and old acct with Nuvell aka Ally. The Reps are very rude and transfer me to the collection agency Synergetic, who has sent a letter that states the acct is out the SOL and they are not reporting it. However, Nuvell/Ally report this acct as 90 days late, then the next month it is 0/0/0, sent to collections, when the collection agency has stated it is old andno longer valid. I have sent a certified letter and am waiting for a response. They are reporting last date of payment activity falsely, falsely saying it has been sent to collections and stating it is past due. When I try to talk to someone they state they no longer are handling the acct and to call the collection agency. Why would I call an agency that is not reporting anything and has told me the account is old? I have filed with the BBB and am going to file a complaint with my AG if I don’t get a response from the company and the credit companies that I have notified. | I have never dealt with a co that wont even talk to you about money. I know I have rights all the way up to 1k in damages if they dont take care of this!

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  1. Alexa Breden
    June 16, 2020

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