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I bought a 2009 international prostar with a cummins engine when i picked the truck up it had no fuel, and batteries were dead broke down at the fuel service station getting fuel and it wouldnt start, afer replacing these bad batteries i then took the truck to sapp brothers in omaha where they inspected this truck and her is a list of issues, recap drive tires with bulges the size of a volley ball, leaky axel seals, oil on the rear brakes and drums, bad drag ling, bad drive axel bearings, head lights didnt work, windshield wipers didnt work, this truck was in no way legal to even be on any street or highway, they sold me the biggest piece of crap, $13,124 dollar later i was barely able to make it back to reno,nevada, where this truck died completely, sucking coolant into the head sent this truck into hydro lock, mech that is working on this truck stated this has been sucking coolant for sometime, another 13k to do a inframe, i contacted them and all i asked for was for them to pay half of the second 13k to get this truck running, i didnt want the whole 26,000 i have had to put in this truck, there site on ebay is almostfreetrucks, beware of this seller, they told me to bring this truck back and they would refund my purchase price, what abot the over 26k i have in this truck and if the engine is blown how are you supposed to return a truck to them, this place is a ripoff, i am also reporting this to the BBB and the iowa dmv commercial inforcement, ive contacted a lawyer in carter lake iowa to attempt recove all my money i have had to invest just so i can make a living, none of this would have happened if they would of helped out on the engine work that is now being done, i have statements from sapp brothers and from tec equipment in reno proving everything that i have wrote in this advisery, they also required you to wire transfer money to there bank account so this purchase is not protested by ebay, this company is very smart in ways of taking your money and keeping it,BEWARE!!!!

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