Al's One Stop Auto

Al's One Stop Auto

Al’s One Stop Auto Deceptive in Repairs Needed and Overcharges Rockville Centre New York!!. Rip off BIG time. Just because I am a woman does not mean I am an idiot. Had coolant flushed and filled a few weeks ago. Past week leaking puddles. Brought back to him along with check engine light on. He said no evidence of coolant leaking. He asked if I was sure. Like I am color blind and do not know how to distinguish a bright green color on my driveway. Really? Also, coolant level below MIN after servicing a few weeks ago and level was at MAX and a noticeable drop falling from a screw/plug. He finally pressure checked is and BAM, pressure loss. A hose was loose, which I suggested in the first place. THEN he checked the code for the check engine. Something about misfire so obviously spark plugs since it did start like stuttering before normalizing. Said a tune up needed. Ok, since not done in past 3 years. He quoted me $190 labor (ok), $60 reprogram (ok) , $14.50 each spark plug OEM (not ok – $5.75 for OEM), $63 fuel filter (not ok – $22 and Volvo scheduled service is 120K – my mileage is 67K), $43 air filter (not ok – $17) and some other charge of $30. Questioned why so much work for tune up and I suggested starting with plugs (mentioning they are pricey compared to past purchases Volvo and prior experience changing my own plugs in my prior Nissan and Hyundai) and checking if code cancels. BUT NO – I had to do it all as part of tune up. He made a sexist comment about me knowing about cars and I said no thank you for the tune up. He charged me $60 for the check, which is OK and pulled my car out. When I went into my car, ALL warning lights were on and power steering gone making it impossible to turn the steering wheel. I questioned him why all these lights now on and steering shot when I brought it in 30 mins ago with a check engine light on and all he did was get the code off the car and look it up on the computer. He became aggressive saying my car needs a tune up. Again, I asked how that code reading turned into all warning lights and power steering gone. He attempted to ignore me but when I said I was calling the police, he took my car back in to check. He claimed to have disconnected the battery and reconnected it causing power steering to resume and the only warning lights on were the check engine and the overheat warning causing my temperature gauge to redline. My car was not overheating but it was again driveable and got the hell out of there as fast as possible. Bringing my car to corner mechanic to replace plugs at $7 each for OEM, air filter $19, $50 reprogram, $180 labor and because the overheat warning with temperature gauge in redline, a coolant temperature sensor $35 and thermostat $22. DONE. Please heed my advice and do not have your car serviced there. You have been warned.

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