Alternative Fire Protection Services

Alternative Fire Protection Services Complaint

ALTERNATIVE FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES – Ca. License Number [protected] EMPEROR DRIVE CANYON LAKE, CA 92587- Business Phone Number:[protected] – CEO – JOHNNY R GEER is now doing business as – ALTERNATIVE FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES- CA. License Number [protected] BIRCH STREET, SUITE A LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92530, Business Phone Number:[protected] CEO BRYAN GEER – Do not do business with this company. They cash your checks but do not finish the work. They do not return phone calls. They complain that they can not finish the work because they are having trouble getting workers comp insurance for there workers and tell you they will do it themselves but they never show up for the work and they do bad welds Johnny and Bryan. I now see that they have put the company name in Bryan’s name (CEO) to try and hide from the people they owe work and money too. Do not do business with these people as the work is bad and they do not finish the job and I am sure the will be out of business soon or be changing there name again!

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