Alternative Online Design LLC

Alternative Online Design LLC

Had a phone call from a person representing Alternative Online Design offering to provide websites that I could promote to make a 15% commission. As I was interested in doing something similar already I thought that I would give it a try as the price was only $395. I accepted the offer and was told to expect a call the next day to go over the details.
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Ecommerce Consulting LLC

They asked for money from me to get registered. Of $97.00 then $84.00 for the paper work to get started. Took from my from checking

Anemona Sam

Anemona Sam Tries to sell me a cheap jeep wrangler that belonged to her husband who died from a drunk driver on there twin daughters


!!!!!!! – MESSAGE FROM POLICE DETECTIVE JOHN SUTER RECEIVED ON 9/13/2013 – !!!!!!! Hi, My Name is Detective John Suter of the

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Ampco Parking Services Denver We paid for two nights of parking and were still given a $75 ticket. My husband is a faculty at CU Denver

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Rerouted redbox phone number to a marketing group who wanted my card number and info and had additional information about me, my address

Pretending to be AT&T

Some user who is pretending to be AT&T has threatened that my line will be disconnected. They are located in New York, and they will