Alternative Transmissions

Alternative Transmissions

We hired this company to rebuild and install a transmission in our truck, promised a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty when we picked up the truck it failed to shift and had lights on would barely drive returned it to them immediatly they worked on it some more and finally got it to run. My son who drives the truck for the last 10 years didnt think it was right but after assurance from the owner and some mechanic that if there were any problems they would repair it or redo whatever was wrong for 12 months or 12000 miles. So we paid them almost 6000.00 dollars. He drove the truck for 4-5 months about 3000 miles and it failed to even climb a hill, wouldnt shift, slipped, lights for the overdrive on , We contacted the shop had it towed in (because it would not drive) got a call from some body at the shop who every other word was a cuss word, then hung up on me,he called back and said that I wouldnt let him talk, so he hung up ? Thought customer service was to listen told me that because we had disputed a bill on the waterpump which was by the way not leaking or bad when we dropped it off, that they would not warranty or service the transmission? Thought that was wierd said are you kidding the 100.00 dollar waterpump that the owner agreed to deduct from our 6000.00 bill when we picked up the was not the issue , it was the fact that the transmission that was quoted 2600.00 that ended up at Almost 6000.00 did not work, he said that they would not work on it, ????? I asked to speak to the owner said he would not speak to me he was yelling in the background I am not going to work on the truck? Explained we would be happy to compensate them for the waterpump if that was the issue but to no avail they insisted that we had brought the truck to the wrong place? I said you are not going to work on the transmission that you rebuilt, and you warrantied for a year? No they said get it out of here? So we had it picked up by the towing company and brought to Griffis Automotive in Groveland who had worked on it before for the mechanical part of the truck that it was gone and needed to be replaced at a cost of 4250.00 for a remanufactured ford transmission from ford motor company or a jasper remanufactured transmission at a cost of 4400.00 which would be warrantied for 100,000 miles and have a 3 year warranty on either unit. WOW over 10,000 in transmission repairs should never have used some dirty little shop in wintergarden to do any work to me it was obvious that we had been duped by scammers, so that is the story check out you options not sure why this little dirty shop ever attempted to rebuild it in the first place instead of offering a remanufactured unit from ford or others. But in our opinion the shop has no business in the transmission business hope this will help anyone who is considering using this company, as for us we are only telling of our personal experience with Mr. Jack Dempsey and his rude staff at alternative transmissions, Govern yourself accordingly. As for me that is why attorneys are in business we intend to sue the company report the problems we had to anyone who wants to hear, we also will file a BBB report of it and have all intentions of contacting the news station rip off consumer guys and see if they are interested in the story.

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