Alves Auto Sales

Alves Auto Sales

Alves Auto Sales Allen Sold me a bad car. New Milford CT!!. I am 21 years old and I made my first big purchase of a vehicle from Alves Auto a little less than a year ago. Ever since Iu2019ve had this car it has been and out of Allens shop several times and each time he assured me the problem was fixed. Finally I was tired of getting dragged through the mud and brought my car to another mechanic and was then told I need a new engine and that any person who knew cars would have seen this problem long ago. I owe $8,000 on a car that doesnu2019t even work. I just want them to take my car back and pay my loan off so I can get a reliable car. Iu2019m a young kid and pay for everything myself. This car is putting me in debt.

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