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“Just get over it”, “pray about it”, “you’ll be fine”, “your problems will go away by itself.” These are all just a short list of the things that loved ones may have said in times off struggle. It’s so easy to focus on physical health, while neglecting your mental health. Are you battling debilitating anxiety and depression that does not seem to go away? Do you struggle with motivation, struggle doing the things you once enjoyed? Have you not been yourself lately? Have you recently gone through something traumatic and have not been able to cope with the pain? I would love to help you start on your journey to feeling better. I have worked for five years with individuals battling co- occurring substance abuse/ mental health disorders. I also have experience working with at- risk adolescents struggling with behavioral and mental health issues. I’ve worked closely with people battling grief, trauma, severe anxiety and depression. It is my mission to help individuals live healthier, well- balanced lives. Every person is different, each with their own set of values and belief systems. I offer a judgment- free zone, where you can share the things that have caused you great emotional pain. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who can be an objective listener. I’d be happy to help!

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