AMCO #330 Alliance Transmisson 6629 lomas blvd ne albuquerque nm 87114.Customer service mgr Denny, shop foreman/repair technician Gabe. 3-4 clutch failure requested ad tranny for 1295.00. 4 days later was told grant fine but need new hubs. Albuquerque New Mexico!!. On 2/16/16 I took my 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 to AMCO -Alliance transmissions in Albuquerque NM USA for 3-4 clutch failure. I took my truck to this shop because they are advertising on Craigslist with an offer for a transmission for $1295.00 3yr/36000 mi warranty. I called the number on Craigslist and spoke with Denny. I told him about my tranny slipping and wanted to purchased one advertised tranny. He told me to bring my truck in to have them check my tranny and run a diagnosis of the tranny. I dropped my truck off for them to check out my tranny. Three days later I called to inquire about my tranny. Denny tells me that my tranny is fine and they couldn’t reproduce the failure, but found my brake switch was causing the problem and they need $98.00 to run diagnosis. I paid and after this was done Denny calls me tells me that I needed new hubs and they were making noise. I told him I’ll think about it and to give me a quote for new hubs. Called me back with ~$824.00 for repair. I decided to go with the repairs. I got my truck back on 2/20/16 Saturday around 1140 am. Shop closes at 1200 noon on Saturday. I got in and immediately noticed my truck runny a little rough as my water bottle was shaking and had concentric circles. I didn’t have this problem prior. I left the shop and left for my trip out of town. When I get on the road my front right wheel feels weird and the i thought it was the road but on the freeway it got to the point where the wheel felt unbalanced this got worst once I got on freeway. I couldn’t cancel my trip so I drove and 900 miles later I notice my front two tires were excessively worn on the inside. During my trip my tranny slipped and revived my engine around 5000 rpm several times. I called Denny the following Monday and told him about my new problem with my tires and my slipping tranny! I was irrate and he told me to bring it back and they’ll have it checked again. I returned to AMCO and they claimed they couldn’t reproduce the problem during the four days they had my truck. Gabe takes my truck for a test and comes back to pick me up so we can test drive and show Gabe what I was talking about. I point out how my truck is not running the same and that the right front wheel wobbles. He said it could be an unbalance wheel as we get on freeway and speed up my wheels started to wobble real bad. On our way back to the shop my tranny slips. Immediately Gabe exclaims that it wasn’t 3-4 clutch failure but a 1-2 clutch failure. They couldn’t reproduce this during the 4 days they had my truck. There is also a “service stabilitrak” and “service traction control” message appearing in my EIC. leaking fluid from my right axle seal. They claim they are not at fault for leaking seal on my right shaft and couldn’t find any codes for the service messages. They told me to bring my truck back when the service messages appear and call ahead so they can be ready to check for error codes. I called back and asked for a quote for installing a new seal. They didn’t call me back. Now I have a slipping transmission, two severally worn tires, wobbly front wheels, and a leaking seal. These problems were never there because they did a thorough inspection of my truck. They told me they did. Why did they not see leaking fluid while inspecting the hubs or the worn tires? Why did they not reproduce tranny issues or the service messages during the 4 days they kept my truck? I was finally forced to buy new tires and get an alignment..$970.05 for 4 new tires and $64.25 for front end alignment.. my front left tire was cupped so bad it started to wobble and front right tire was worn only on inside edge. After getting my alignment the shop supervisor said that the front was like plowing the pavement….I didn’t have this issue prior to repair. More damage done by this transmission shop to my truck after their repair!! photos do show my truck with good tires and both front worn tires, alignment cost and adjustments, and hub replacement cost.

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