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The American Ale House off of Jones Bridge Rd. which is off of Old Milton Parkway, has recently laid me off due to a financial struggle. The owner or operator which I reported to, Miguel Ayou, has repeatedly made it clear to my former employees and myself that he refuses to pay me. I worked hard while employed for the American Ale House, always showed up to work on time and was a very dilligent worker. My kitchen manager Cindy, and Morgan Pollard ( chef) will vouch that there is no sensible reason for this kind of dishonesty. They were consistently late for all the paychecks I recieved, and Miguel feels he doesn”t have to pay me for my last weeks work. At the time I was laid off I didn”t recieve a seperation notice, either, which has affected my current employment status and the abbsence of money owed to me by Miguel Ayou has made it that much more of a struggle for me to regain employment. I have possession of my time sheets for confirmation on my hours worked! Please get involved and make this right.

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