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Started this policy back in August of 2016. With promises of worry free and a peace of mind contract to have bumper to bumper coverage for my 2011 dodge ram 2500 6.7l diesel. In the beginning of July 2017 my check engine light came on and so I called and scheduled an appointment with the local dodge service department. After about 1 day it was determined that the turbo was bad and needed to be replaced. So we called National Auto Division and they informed me that they needed to send out their own inspector to make sure that my mechanic followed the correct procedures to verify that it was in fact a bad turbo. After about another full day and several attempts in trying to clean the turbo with they’re inspector it was still a failure and it was determined once again that the turbo was bad and needed to be replaced. I then receive a call from National Auto Division stating that the inspector took several photos of all the hand tools in the back of the truck and then accused me of using my truck for commercial purposes and that the policy does not cover commercial vehicles. After explaining to multiple people over the course of yet another day while the truck is still in the shop that I only use my truck for residential purposes. We finally come to an agreement only to be informed that my claim is being sent up for review now after a full 4 days nobody is returning my calls nobody is returning the mechanics calls and my truck is still no closer to getting fixed then it was 8 days ago

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  1. Ellis Patraw
    June 16, 2020

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