American Classic Motors

American Classic Motors

American Classic Motors Store manager Joe a rude jerk! Nick in internet sales is a liar! zieglerville Pennsylvania!!. Sold me a defective wheel and promised that if I would leave a positive feedback on ebay that I could throw the wheel away and that they would give me a full credit on PayPal. After 2 days of not seeing a credit I was reffered to Nick who told me that the person who told me that didn’t follow the prodedure and he would call me back. A day later when I called back I get the store manager Joe who was the rudest person I have spoke with in years! Long store short, this product is junk and thrown away. I am out money and have had to deal with liars and rude people, but hey. They did con me into the positive feedback on ebay. Learn from my mistake and don’t waste your money with these jerks!

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