American Custom Trailers

American Custom Trailers

American Custom Trailers AKA Florida Marine AV Inc. Bruce Everett Late Delivery, Wrong Parts, Missing Parts, False Advertising on Ebay Wilton Manors Florida!!. I found American Custom Trailers on Ebay while searching for a motorcycle cargo trailer. I was attracted to Bruce Everett’s ad because he gave a very full, detailed description on the trailer he was selling. The ad stated that the trailer had 15″ wheels, Aqua Tread Tires, Only American made parts, no rivets, a cooler holder, correct wiring for any motorcycle, registration paperwork, and an average build time of 2 weeks from the time the order is placed. I was impressed by the ad, and in spite of a zero feedback score, I elected to speak with Bruce about purchasing a trailer. Bruce, who actually operates under the name Florida Marine AV Inc, assured me that every trailer he built, was built with only the exact parts he specified in the ad, and that he was uncompromising in quality control. He told me that every trailer he builds is fully assembled, then personally driven by himself, then given his final “magic touch” before shipping. Based on the ad and Bruce’s assurances, I placed an order and paid $2300 for a trailer. I mentioned to Bruce that I had a trip in two months, and he told me there would be no problem, other than that he would never ship a trailer that was not built with the exact parts he specified due to the quality of materials he used. Where to begin. Instread of 2 weeks, the trailer took almost 2 months. When the trailer arrived, it had the wrong wheels and tires, it was missing the running and interior lights I paid extra for, it was missing top rails I paid extra for, it was missing the cooler rack, and it was missing a wiring harness. The trailer does not come with paperwork to register it. Bruce explained to me, after it was shipped, that the trailer is actually a kit, and that I would need to have it registered as a home built trailer, which adds significant hassles to getting the trailer on the road. Bruce blamed all of the missing and incorrect parts on my “rushing” him to get the trailer out 7 weeks later than it was due to be done. He never apologized, and wanted me to drive several hundred miles to him, to get the correct parts! When I refused and threatened to return the trailer, he agreed to ship the correct parts. Only a few of the parts have arrived a week later. I have never received the correct wheels and tires, the wheel and tires sent actually rub on the fenders. I have never recieved the tie down rails for the top of the trailer. There are rivets on the trailer, and there are Chinese parts. The trailer had never been assembled, there was paint in the threads of the axle studs, and clearly Bruce would have noticed the incorrect tire size. I’m ready to go on my trip finally, after buying correct tires locally, purchasing my own rails, installing a proper legal brake light, having the trailer inspected as a home built, and installing the lights and wiring that Bruce was suppoosed to install. I spent almost $500 purchasing parts for my trailer that I had already paid Bruce for, in order to make the trailer road worthy.

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