AMERICAN DREAM VACATIONS Nyles Burges,Kurt West(Owner) False Rv Damaged Claims amount of $ 12408.95 On December 29th 2017 Austin Texas!!. Be aware of This American Dream Vacations Rv Rentals in South Austin,Tx.On December 26th we rent this Rv Mirada For Three days and when we return the Rv They Claim us for take responsibility for Minor scratch on Back of Rv on passenger side which is we never done it at all.Also we had Collission damaged Insurance $ 12 per day and still this company saying our Collission Insurance only cove rif two vehicles involed which is i never Belived.also Non of body crackes or broken parts and they still claims replacement parts is $147.69 Biggest false claim i neven seen in my life like this.Company also charge me 24 days $285 per day total loss of use amount of $ 6840.00 dollars which is completly false claim Rv noted minor scratch and never involved with other vehicle collission and Rv is completly safe to drive.So I refuse the false claim then they call my farmers insurance company and they also denied the claim. On Feb 9th 2018 Company send it to Alternative Claims Management for collections amout of $ 12408.95. $ 4258.53 Estimates Repaired the Minor Scratches $ 6840.00 for anticipated loss of use (24days @ 285.00) $1089.63 diminution in value(25% Of the physical Damaged) $ 250.00 administrative Fees __________________________________________________ $ 12538.16 total Collections – $129.21 less deposit( Note: we pais $ 500 security deposit when we rent on Dec 26th 2019 and company still reurn to us) ___________________________________________________ $12408.95 Total Collections report thru Alternative Claims. Example: if you rent a car at airport and you bought collission damage insurance during your rentals then upon return your car company noted some wear and tear scratches.Rental company should claim thru company insurance not to claim thru renters right? But this american dream vacations saying no our company insurance dont cover that kind of wear and tear scratches.Then what is the meaning of buying company collission damage insurance??? So my strongly advice to investigate the false claim and We are requesting the proof of damadges and specially same vehicles rental record from Decemebr 26th till Feb 10th 2018.also provide a video recording of Vehicle inspections.Thank you. Harry P. So, We are trying to protect next victims of this kind of fraud and beware of next rv renters from this company.we are trying to get justice thru State of Texas Consumer complaints and Ripoff Scams.If we dont get any justice then we take him to Court.

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