American Eagle Credit Solutions, Inc

American Eagle Credit Solutions, Inc

Ray (Raymond) Acuzi is owner of American Eagle Credit Solutions, Inc which offer people help with their credit repair, saving on credit card debt, credit lines, discount real estate, business financing. Ray Acuzi also claims he makes lots of money driving web traffic to hundred of pay per click visitors, and forex trading. | He is a smooth talker, he will call you back to get you to bank wire or send him a check or money order by mail. After he gets the investors’ money it is hard to reach him even though he has an office phone, cell phone and two emails. When phoning him 95% of the time you get his recording on both phones saying one of his associates will call you back in 24 hours…Fat Chances…Ray Loves To Hide Behind Call Screening! Ray’s office and cell phones voice mail most likely are full with investors asking about their payouts, so it is very hard to leave him messages. Ray is an one man band he like act like he is bigger… There are a lot of people out of work, but some how he can’t find any one to help him in the office to answer the phones and emails!!! | Ray will email many reasons why the investors’ payouts (Which are supposed to be every 6 weeks) is alway late, he can’t tell you when exactly you will get your cycle payouts, and he love to tell you that he is sorry for any delay, but he will pay investors next Friday, and add a late bonus, but he does this con man circus act every week for months. Please! He is most likely running several true blooded, greasy, dirty and greedy filled PONZI SCHEMES!!! Where he is looking to hook in | more unaware investors or people needing credit or loans to pay off his old and/or big money investors. He will pass over small investors’ payouts to pay off his favorite ones!! | Ray has another business called Wealth Sharing Cash Machine Program . He recruit brokers to place ads nationwide on Craigslist & Back Page looking for investors that will invest $500 to $30,000 or more in his wealth sharing program. In this wealth sharing program Ray guarantee to pay investors 600% of their investment in 6 weeks. He convince most of his investors to request smaller payouts and roll-over most of their profits and investments into the next bigger cycles. This is a great wealth plan for Ray as long as he can get investors to wait, and promise them more money over time and, then think of more reasons for more delay with their payouts!! Again, investors stay far away from this Ponzi Scammer Dude!!

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