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I have had three loans through AES for the past 10 years with two different co-signers. In the past they have contacted the co-signer or the one loan and discussed the other two loans which the person wasn’t involved in. They have called unrelated family members when my loan fell 10 days late. Not months but days late trying to talk to me. The person they contacted is not on the loan or any of the loans and has absolutely no business knowing about my student loans. How they even obtained that persons number is beyond my understanding. The loans have a variable interest rate which changes monthly making it near impossible to ever see the loan come down in terms of being paid off. I was put on permanent disability many years ago and had attempted numerous times to get into a more realistic payment amount given my financial situation. They refused to help in any way. Even changing the due date was a hassle when they stated I needed to pay a month in advance to change it. If I couldn’t come up with the payment on that date how was it even expected to come up with two months payment in one month. They are very unwilling to work to help payments be manageable. $360 a month is a ridiculous amount of money for a loan payment with variable interest. Who knows what the payment will be next month. At the time of obtaining these loans none of these terms were made clear to me. Horrible student loan company that makes harrassaing phone calls on a multiple time a day schedule even when the payment is not yet even late.

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  1. Annett Frayer
    June 17, 2020

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