American Heritage Home Inspections, LLC.

American Heritage Home Inspections, LLC.

Stay far away from American Heritage Home Inspection. We trusted Andy, and paid a huge price. We clearly stated that we were concerned about the roof and the AC / Air Quality due to a family member’s health condition. Andy stated that he walked the perimeter of the attic and found no issues, and also stated that the AC was inspected and in good condition. | First- there was an existing leak in the roof which was clearly visible and literally 30′ from the attic entry and above the garage. It was not in a difficult location, and 3 roofing companies were amazed that any inspector would have missed the obvious extensive damage to the wood, and header. Andy later admitted that he did not notice it because he did not actually go into that area of the attic. | Because of his incompetence, we had a $3500 roof repair immediately after moving into the home. Andy also missed a roof vent over one of the bathrooms, which was not extended the min 4″ above the roof line that the code requires. | This also had to be repaired, and the roofer found stated that it would have eventually caused a major leak as well. We also found that the AC handler was covered in mold and mildew on the inside, causing us to have to replace the blower wheel, and have the unit professionally cleaned. Andy did not even take the cover off of the unit during his inspection. He later admitted that all he did was test the temperature of the air blowing. | Unfortunately, our dog who had survived nasal cancer for 4 years up to that point, passed away within a month of moving into our home due to a massive infection (which she was prone to due to her condition). Another family was also sick due to the poor air quality in the home, which eventually led us to have the unit inspected by an actual professional. | The worst part is that neither Andy nor his father has taken any responsibility for their negligence, and have even ignored multiple standard and certified letters from our attorney. We only received an email from Andy that was full of excuses, and that they would offer to return our inspection fee. Every roofer and AC Company that had seen the issues stated that they have never had an inspector miss such obvious glaring issues, and that any who missed any roofing or AC issues have always taken responsibility for their actions, and offered to pay for the repairs. | Unfortunately, along with Andy’s incompetence as an inspector, he also has zero integrity as a person. We are in the process of filing a suit and will have to go to court to even get a response.

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