American Interlock

American Interlock

American Interlock Total Court Services LLC Uses dishonest practices Royal Oak Michigan!!. Been clean for over two years, passed sobriety court. I didn’t have the interlock removed right away even though the judge told me I was eligible because I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t mess up. I NEVER had a positive result while testing. Then in January, I totally tore the ligament in my leg, I was unable to drive. I did not realize the interlock would drain the battery. I had the car towed to where I have the calibration done and a new battery replaced. It cost $135 for replacement of battery and $330 for calibration. I got a notification in the mail that my license was suspended for tampering with the vehicle and missed an appointment. It only gave me a two-day notice! License suspended but I still have to pay the interlock and have someone take it to get serviced. Guess what? The car battery is dead again! I haven’t been able to drive, for fifteen days and I misplaced the key. Sice Calibration was coming up I paid the car dealer to get a new one. Upon reprogramming the new key, the interlock kept timing out for two minutes. Causing the reprogramming to fail. The battery died again! I am getting the run around from American Interlock. They said I tampered with it again. ??? I didn’t drive! It’s sitting in the parking lot of the auto repair shop, right now dead a doornail. I had it towed again so I wouldn’t miss a meeting. I was informed by the auto shop that the interlock drains the battery and the car needs to be driven every day. I was NEVER told this. American Interlock said their device does NOT tax the battery. American Interlock rep (Darius) said I have to keep the car in good running order and I should read the contract. He was rude and talked over me, not letting me explain a thing. My car WAS in good running order. The interlock is draining the battery. It going to be another 75 dollars on top of the service fee. I just want it OFF, I lost my job due to the suspended license. Fees are $330 every 50 days. They knew I had the battery replaced at the auto shop where they made me go for a calibration. THEIR tech was there when they replaced the battery. The staff at American Interlock are scripted, and rude. I wish someone would come in, instruct and educate their employees on customer service as WE pay them for a service. After doing an online research this happens to people all of the time, but not according to Darius. I was told today that people have the interlock all the time and NEVER have a problem.

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