American Interlock

American Interlock

This is what is currently happening to me. I decided to use this blo and go company originally because they were nice and profession when I called to inquire. This private company answered all my question and assured me most people do not have any complications. 10 mins after the installation I was on the phone with them because the machine blew a false positive. Again they reassured me that I was fine fine and no report would be made. Great, I thought what a nice company. That was only the beginning. I went 5 months without any major incidents( a few more false positives and a couple out of the way trips to the police station for additional breath tests to cover my a*s) but nothing major. Of which each were reported and faxed to American Interlock. Then around 12/16 after a meeting the machine started making an unfimilar noise. I reported it immediately to (AIL) I was told if it was a malfunction I would be taken care of and had nothing to worry about. Their Installation Tech found it was a faulty wire harness and no circumvent tampering had occurred. Great right. Wrong. AIL reported this as a circumvent tampering to the State resulting in a hearing and a loss of driving privileges. I provided a propnderence of evedence supporting my innocence and that was blatantly overlooked by the hearing officer. Ok. Appealed that to Circut Court and won on 7/16 meanwhile I was told both by the State and AIL that I couldn’t remove my breathalyzer without permission of which I could not get from either party. So AIL continued to send violation reports to the State. Currently I still don’t have my license and The AIL company’s breathalyzer is still in my vehicle which hasn’t even moved in the last 5months and they want to charge me a crazy amount for missing monitoring apt even tho I don’t have even a restricted license. So now it I have them remove it without permission that are going to violate me to the State again! It’s a rock or a hard place for me. I’ve been sober for over 5 years, have not had a license since 2002, use the tool of a program and am doing everything I am suppose to do. This isn’t over for me but hindsight is 20/20 and I will continue to fight my case. This is a friendly warning to those who are ordered to a blo and go. Stay far away from American Interlock for this service because they will bend over backwards to violate you and charge you more money and time than it’s worth!! I tell people they are like the Mafia…oh little Jimmy broke his leg…f-u pay me is their attitude. I am responsible for my past DUI’s but I am also responsible for my sobriety. It is my program that has helped me manage the stress and worry going through all this legal mess. One foot in front of the other.

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