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I am a Dentist from California and just attended one of AM SPA’s regulatory training courses. IN summary, the program was complete waste of my time and I feel stupid that I believed their scam. The entire organization is just one big commercial. They try to get you to show up for the program by charging a nominal fee but when you get there, the program turns into a large infomercial. I understand the value of Vendors, but, in this case the training itself is one big commercial. I wasted a lot of time and money dealing with this company and I wish I knew this in advance. | The owner, Alex Thiersch is a marketing scam artist so he is definitely good at making professionals believe they need his service. My suggestion would be, better off reading articles from the internet of just hire a health care attorney. The information was so broad and NOT state specific that I left not knowing whether I can inject Botox or not. The speaker, and I am sure to cover this A_____ kept stating that attendees should seek professional advice or consult the local laws of their state. Well, isn’t this what we paid for by attending your course? Thanks Alex Thiersch for scamming me into your training. I hope the legal professional finds out what you are doing and stops you from scamming others.

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