American Motorcycle

American Motorcycle

American Motorcycle Greg Hartwell Overcharge me and spent my money before he pain the transmission shop in Floridaheld up getting trans. back Cicho California!!. I went in to see if he new the problems Harley was having with thier 6 speed transmission. He said he new a place in Florida and he would check with them and ask if they could do it and what he would charge.He told me it was not cheap and that he would have to make a little profit for his service. If I had him box it up he would charge me for it so I buit a wooden box for it and gave it to him and paid him $2100.00 he said if I paid him up front he would pay the guy in Florida so he would get it done quicker. He was going to try and ship it off before he was leaving town for a funeral with one of the guys they ride bikes with. He told me I would have to pay Shipping both ways once they find out how much it would be. I went in there later and asked if he had shipped it out and he said he did before he left. He did tell me when I first met him that he had been sick and had a few medical bills. He showed me a bike he was building and if I new of anyone wanted to buy a bike later I told him of a couple of guys and they were going to come and check it out. I asked him how the funeral went he said went good and that he went and got married after that.I told him congradulations. I went there a week later and asked if the transmission made it he did not know he would have to call. He tried to call but they were closed back in Florida this was on Friday so he would call them. Tuesday since he is off Monday.In the mean time I had been serching the internet and found the guy in Florida. So I decided to call him and he said he did not have a transmission from /greg in Chico. I told him it would not be hard to miss because I made a wodden box fgor it. He said that he had it because he called it a mystery tranmission with no return address because UPS damaged it and put it in a carboard box but a piece of wood was bolted to the transmission. He said he would contact Gregg and let him know. I found out an estamate for him to do the transmission was $1365.00 That would mean Greg would make a $750.00 profit for doing nothing. Small profit (not) To make a long story short Gregg spent my money by the time my transmission was ready and held me up getting my transmission a week longer. I had tickets for my girlfriend and I for our yearly fund raiser the Shriners Hospital put on for the kids in the hospital called the Black Widow Poker Run. My Girlfriend was upset she missed the run. I am still waiting to find out how my bike runs I put it back together and could not adjust the clutch because I was missing the push rod probably when UPS dropped it and did not put all the parts in. This is my Ripoff Scams. PS I did not pay the freight charges

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