American scientific

American scientific

American scientific This company destroyed my ABS module and tried to charge me $275 when a new module only cost $100 Rogersville Tennessee!!. I was having problems with my anti lock brake module. My mechanic removed the module and sent it to American scientific for repairs. They quoted my mechanic $175 to repair the module and to replace the broken case. When I called to pay for the module repairs they charged me $275 and claim they knew nothing about the previous quote. I was desperate to get my truck running again and thought if I had my module repaired I could retain my programming and would not need to go to the GM dealer and pay to have my module reprogrammed this was completely wrong. My module have lost all its programming somehow during the repair and now I am unable to communicate with it. Now they say they need the module back and I have to pay another $30 to ship it and have them keep it for another couple weeks. I cannot do this I need my truck up and running. I’m willing to buy a new module which now I found out only cost $100 and the dealership is going to charge me another $100 to program it. It would have been much cheaper just to do that in the first place! Now they say they don’t have any record of me ever being a customer even though I give them my name address invoice number and times and dates they did the repairs. So I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and they told the BBB they don’t know who I am. So since they don’t know who I am I filed a grievance with my credit card company and claim this credit card fraud! You have to beat these guys at their own game. I have my own rules and expectations when it comes to doing business with companies and they violated my procedures and guidelines!

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