American Summit Capital Corporation

American Summit Capital Corporation Review

Stay away from this company. They are nothing but scammers. They scammed me out off $4, 200 for a loan modification which I never got. They never even contacted me after they took my money. Forget about calling them. They do not answer, nor return your phone calls. There is no attorney that you can talk to. They say you have to be evaluated first. The evaluation is nothing more than a sales pitch filled with lies. Then they try to collect money from you and don’t guarantee anything in writing, but they will in words. Try to hold them to their words and their response, “that’s not in writing.” I was told that I was going to get a rate in the 4.0% range and my principal balance would be reduced. They stole my money. I have reported them to the Attorney General and have been following up on this. I was informed that I am not the only one complaining. There has been a total of 28 complaints similar to mine. I can’t wait until justice is served. They can’t keep preying on homeowners that are struggling with a financial hardship. I was desperate and made a desperate move to give them $4, 200 of my hard earned money. I was taken adavantage of and hope to see justice soon. Don’t be taken by these scammers.

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