American Suzuki Motor Corporation

American Suzuki Motor Corporation

American Suzuki Motor Corporation Would Not Replace Faulty Rims even though under a 6 year Bumper to Bumper Warranty Brea, California!!. I purchased a 2018 Suzuki Kizashi in October of 2012. It was used with only 35,000 miles yet this vehicle had no damage and came with a 6 year Bumper to Bumper warranty. About 3 days after my purchase I noticed that the finish on the Wheels started to Flake and Peel off. I reported this to the Dealership in which I bought the vehicle and was told by them that they could not do anything about it that I needed to take it to another dealership down the road from them that took care of all their Service and repair Issues. I took my vehicle to this Dealership in hopes of a resolution. They took pictures of the Wheels and sent them off to Suzuki supposedly and was told I would hear from them in about 2 to 3 days. A week and a half later I ended up calling them back only to be told they could not do anything unless I wanted to pay for half of the repairs. I do not think I should have to pay HALF of anything seeing as how it is a factory defect in the Wheels which is obvious when you see the Wheels in person or in photographs that I have. This nice looking car now looks like Crap thanks to the chrome finish coming off and the wheels are now turning a primer black.

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They are a scam, they are not doing what they advertise, they are stating they are an affiliate of but Amazon, says they are,

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