American Towing

American Towing

American Towing Damaged my vehicle, Stole from me, lied, and charged me more than we agreed upon. Fort Smith Arkansas!!. My vehicle was towed by American Towing. Upon learning this I contacted the business and spoke to the owner, he said he was out of the office and id have to pick up my car the following day, I stated that I could not because I have to get to work ( Also, I didn’t want to pay him for multiple days which he is known for doing) He stated that when he got back to the office he would “figure up the price” which scared me as towing companies in this area are known for shady business practices. I happen to be pulling into the business as I was driving over while I spoke to him. He was standing in the bay doors. He then yelled at me saying he was busy and it would be a while. I said id wait in the parking lot. When he finally came out of the office after many minutes he told me it would be 100 for towing and 25 for storage. I asked to see a printed price list as Ive been trained to do with businesses that make up the price on-the-spot. He screamed at me, cussing and told me he would keep the car for two days and charge me for it. I was afraid of this guy because of how badly he screamed and cussed so I backed away to my mothers vehicle and she spoke to him. He was belligerent and disgruntled to my mother as well but she calmed him down enough to take my payment and give me my vehicle. He came to take the payment and took my credit card. I was charged a larger amount than he had stated (luckily, I caught it on Square as I own stock int he company). As we followed him to where my car was hidden, he sped like a crazed lunatic and we almost lost him. We arrived and he walked me back to get my vehicle. I asked him, “can I ask you a question? why did you scream at me?” And he began screaming and cussing me again. He opened the gate while yelling and flipping out. At this point I called my friend, Anna to be a witness to this guy as she was on the phone, and as I got to my vehicle, I noticed scratches on my paint and front fender. As I opened my door my entire vehicle had been ransacked including USPS mail had been opened and a Classic NES Power Glove in the box had been torn apart. With my witness on the phone I asked him about this and he said, “Ok then M*(*&(&(*&er Im going to beat your a%%” He ran toward me with his fists balled up, screaming and cussing at me. I turned my shoulder to him so I could turn on my video camera. He shoved me, took a swing at me, and I jumped in the car to avoid the onslaught. As I did this he kicked my door shut. I pointed the camera at him and he walked away long enough for me to get footage of my ransacked vehicle. I turned the camera back on him as I thought he was going to try to lock me in the gate. My witness at this time told me to call the police. I drove through the gate and stopped at the front of the building to inform my mother to leave as he tried to fight me. Then I drove to a secure location and called the police and filed charges against him for assault and terroristic threatening. As the police showed up I was inventorying my vehicle to make sure everything was there and noticed I was missing $200.00 in a bank bag that was between my driver seat and my console. This man doesn’t have the tolerance to be in business and he is a thieving criminal attacker and a liar who will try to extort money from people. Do NOT go to him for anything unless you have police with you. This man is crazy and he’s going to hurt someone though I certain he has done this before as his behavior was so easily manic. I did not authorize the amount he charged me, he used a made up zip code, and I did not sign the receipt.I have also filed a complaint with Square.

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