American transmission & Auto Repair

American transmission & Auto Repair

American transmission & Auto Repair American Transmission & Auto Repair SMALL TOWN, SMALL BUSINESS “CHRISTIAN” VALUES- COMPLETE SCAM ARTIST- CUSTOMER HAS 0 RECOURSE OR YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR AUTO Arlington, Texas!!. TOTAL MISREPRESENATATION!! The owner claims Christian in his ad, this man is so far from Christian, complete scam artist. When I first inquired I was told I was buying a rebuilt motor, but they actually put a motor from the salvage yard with more miles than the one I was having replaced, the owner began to swear at me. This man does not want any questions, they take no responsibility for their actions. The mechanic Darren was a complete liar. Was told that the tow charge would be waived if they did the work,(he claimed he didnt say it, but it is in their ad) charged me $80.00, Darren told me that they would warranty the motor, NO I had to sign before I could take the jeep that they did not warrant, that the salvage yard would do that. No address or phone number who will warrant the motor. When I questioned anything, I would have to go get cash. This garage is the kind that many shows have come about to warn the public of this shoddy work, rip off schemes. I would never take the time to write this review except for the fact that other people would be aware of this small shop on S.Cooper. I have lived in Mansfield my entire life, and I have never been spoken to with such disrepect not to mention over charge me by $2,000.00. This is not the kind of business that should see $1.00 from any person from Mansfield. Everyone should be aware when they start their ad with Christian values, translation, I am about to rip you off and there isn’t one thing you can do about it!!!! BEWARE!!

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