American Truck Showrooms

American Truck Showrooms

American Truck Showrooms I paid for a truck in full via wire transfer. The company does not have this truck and will not refund my payment. gulfport Mississippi!!. On 5-10-17. I entered into a written contract to purchase a 2017 Peterbuilt from this company. The written agreement was to pay for the truck in full on 5-12-17. At 9:15 am 5-12-17 I sent a wire tranfer to their bank paying for the truck in full. At 9:47 am I received a text message stating that someone was there in person right then to pay for the truck. I sent proof where I had a written contract for the truck and had already paid for it in full.. The saleman said they would have a manager call me. To date, I have not spoken to any manager. Any time I call They come up with excuses why I cant speak to a manager and hang up on me. They have not reversed the wire transfer or expressed they would pay me back.. Not having the truck or the money to purchase another truck is costing me approx $1,000.00 per day in revenue. The last time I called and asked for a refund they told me to get my lawyer to call them… This is fraud.. This company is a scam…

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