America?s Recommended Mailers

America?s Recommended Mailers Complaint

A client I had an annuity apointment with told me she wanted to cancel. When pressed she said she had gotten 3 or 4 agenbts calling her since she mailed in the card. They keep the card and e-mail me the lead.I paid 1900.00 + SSS to do these mailings. I was all set to do a mailing a week when I found this out.They are reselling the leads I paid for. From now on I”mm going to be doing my own mailers. John R Harper

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Bungzie is a total scam website! They took my money and I never received my order. I placed my order over two months ago and still!

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Austere Capital is definitely a scam. Just look at their website. It looks so cheap and clumsy-made. I think those two guys Brian and

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Annbell triston sent me a parcel from kabul afghanistan 18, 40 kgs bill ewcd . (to claudio melo avila) 4a trav mangalo 1082 alagoinhas ba