America's Service Station

America's Service Station

This is the most crocked organization I have even dealt with… I had a small oil leak and I wanted it taken care of before it got too bad.. I took it the America’s Service Station on Wade Green Road in Acworth Georgia.. I was told that they needed to replace the value cover gasket and the gaskets at a few other places in the engine. I was charged 500.00.. After about a year while under my car looking at another problem I notice oil everywhere so I returned my car to the same America’s station. The staff was very understand and insured me they would cover the problem if it turned out to be one of their repairs.. The manager called me and said it was leaking at their repair and I would not be charged for that repair but they found other place it was leaking and now it was 800.00 additional dollars. I gave them permission to do the repair.. Once I got my car it was making a horrible rattling noise and skipping as if it was not idling correctly.. I returned to the same America’s auto and told them about the issue. Once again being cooperative, the manager told me they would look at it and if it was something they did they would repair it for free. At that time I could not leave my car because it is my work vehicle. I later returned and my car was taken back and looked at and the mechanic showed me that the problem was the timing chain was loose and t was hitting the casing and due to the high mileage needed to be replaced. The new manager and worker told me they would cover some of the cost but in the end quoted me 900.00 dollars to replace the components that support the chain. I already was seeing the scam and that was to keep me coming back and keep charging me more and more money.. I didn’t have any noises or problems other than a small oil leak before I started doing business with America’s Service Station.. Now I have already spent approx. 1300 dollar on a small leak now they wanted another grand.. I took my car somewhere and first of all they found oil leaking from the value cover gasket saying it was badly worn and leaking OIL so it was replaced>>>> And they found so much silicone around the chain cover and on the chain and in the oil port on the chain mechanism that the mechanic is 100 percent sure this is what was causing the problem with my timing chain… I highly believe America’s Service Station did this on purpose for me to return my car again and then simply clean up the silicone and charge me 900 for nothing milking now for a total of 2100 dollars or more.. I don’t doubt they would have damaged something else to see if I would keep bringing my car back so they could milk me some more.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STATION or burn you money in the fireplace if you have it to waste..

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