AMERICAS TRANMISSION The (100.00) deductable that turned into a ($3,645.13) nightmare Katy Texas!!. First, i would like to thank the person that wrote that Ripoff Scams. I was coming to this site because, i was looking for America’s Transmission telephone number. I was getting ready to take my vehicle over there for a second time, but my decision changed after reading this Ripoff Scams. America Transmission, did me worst my first time dealing with them, When i first called, i talked to Sal and he assured me that i would get good service along with the protection plan that i had that he worked with all the time, and he lied and said he even knew some of the adjusters. He also said that all they had to do is open the transmission to show adjustors whats going on and then the adjuster decided if they will cover it. Ok, i do understand this part, but when (Pinnacle Protection Service ) denied my claim, which is another rip off service, everything when from bad to worst, I asked Sal to just charge me for what they did and i was going to come pick up my car, his responds to me was they had taken the whole transmission apart and it would cost me almost the same money to just let them fix it. WHY WOULD THEY TAKE IT APART WHEN REPARTS WAS NOT APPROVED? I asked them to give me a price, he said at this time he would have order the parts. The next day I called him, and he still have not got a price. Then when he finally told me the price which was over $3,600.00 and i told him thats alright I will come and get my car, he told me it was too late they had already started working on the car. I never authorized him to start working on the transmission without a quote/price. And then i told him it was too much and thats why i had the protection service, his response was its not his problem. And was told the car will be ready in 2 days and if i am not able to pay they will put on the back lot behind the building and charge me $50.00 aday to store it. this is a lot with no fense are nothing.and he knew he had done me wrong because when I came to pick my car up he had one of the mechanic deal with me,while he cowarded in the back. Because of this it has put me in more debt. My next opion was getting a title loan to pay this off, MORE DEBT! This company is a major rip off, all this started in february 2018 and its now Oct 2018 and i just paid off the title loan that i had to take out to get my car, bewhere everyone dealing with AMERICAS TRANSMISSION, A simple transmission check turn into a over 7,000 dolllar nightmare.

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