America's Transmission Experts

America's Transmission Experts

America’s Transmission Experts Sal Ruiz Auto Repair Vehicle not working after paying over $3,000.00 in repairs. Katy TX!!. Went on Internet to locate a repair shop to repair clutch in a 2008 Jeep Patriot. Contacted America’s Transmission Experts located in Katy, TX. Mr Ruiz was aware of my need to be financed for the work to repair clutch. He said he could get me financed even if he had to do in-house financing regardless of my bad credit. The vehicle was picked up and was to be taken to a shop off beltway 8 and I-10 Then I began having problems with the run around (told I need to have my transmission checked because there was noise coming from it, but before they could check it out I had to sign an authorization. I thought that was strange because there was no noise before he picked it up. I only wanted my clutch repaired. He stated we needed to do that because if he replaced the clutch and there was transmission problems the vehicle would not run right and we needed to know how much financing would be needed.) I had to call police to report my car stolen to find out where my car was went to the location at 510 S Mason Ste K Katy, TX and it was on the rack and he said it would be ready for pickup on Monday January 19th that did not happen I kept getting the run around but on February 6th I called Sal Ruiz answered and when he knew who I was hung up then I called back got no answer. About an hour later received a call from wrecker service saying they were picking up my car from his repair shop on behalf of my lein holder who paid him $2800 and I authorized the repairs for clutch and transmission work for only $2000 He had told my lein holder he repaired my vehicle and I had abandoned it When I got my car released from lein holder I was unable to drive it away it had to be towed to a repair shop Called him and he said its under warranty he will pick it up and check it out but I do not trust that repair shop with my vehicle I feel he did not repair it at all and he got paid this has caused me more pain for I’m left with a bill and no transprotation

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