AmeriMex Complete Auto Repair

AmeriMex Complete Auto Repair

AmeriMex Complete Auto Repair Liars, Cheats, Ripoffs, Unprofessional Grayslake Illinois!!. My rear end went out in my truck, a friend told me to go there since they were right down the street and he had taken his car there as well. They charged me $900 to rebuild the rear end, 6 months later it was out again. I had my car towed there since it was under a year warranty so it would be fixed again. Days go by, no word on my truck after calling every day. Finally somebody that spoke english tells me it’s the trans not the rear end that went out. I had a tow truck go back up and pick up my vehicle just to find out they had my truck apart when the tow truck got there. Then I’m told it was the rear end, no phone calls to let me know prior to having spent $150 for the tow truck to drive up there for no reason at all. More days go by, still no truck. I call again and they said they can’t locate the part, I told them I paid for a complete rebuild, that’s what it said on the receipt. I had to make 1 phone call to get the part to them from a trusted source so I could get my truck back. They told me I would get another 1 year warranty and tow fees covered. When I got there they said to sign on the paperwork and I noticed it said no warranty and that was pretty fishy to me that all along I was told I would get another 1 year warranty. Then they said they weren’t going to cover the tow fees like I was told they would on the phone. I had to make a phone call to an attorney to get prepared for a law suite against them. I know where the part came from that it was under warranty and I said something to them about it as well. They told me if they had to cover any tow fees, I would be charged for labor, even though it is under warranty. The end result is I didn’t get the 1 year warranty as promised, I got the 3 month, and they covered the tow I had to pay for just to show up. A phone call would’ve saved money and tiime, it put me out of work for 2 weeks as well as having to pay for a rental car they said would be covered as well. It ended up costing me 3 jobs that I couldn’t get to, rental car fees, tow fee, and a big headache dealing with them. Over all I lost thousands of dollars to save a few hundred to deal with unprofessional people. I wouldn’t refer them for an oil change.

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