Amethyst Foundation, Inc.

Amethyst Foundation, Inc. Review

First day at their ” treatment meeting”, for dui, the so called counselor, (god freak) first collects the money, because that’s what non profit is all about, not , so I real almost never drink, two or three times a year, but I did on a very special day, and got in an accident, hurt myself pretty bad, got my first dui, at 47yrs old. now , I am an angry and very private person everyday of the week, dont like to talk to people, yet i am told that I am an alcoholic, that because I have a distance relative that drinks, and my agression is a red flag , and if I don’t change my attitude, they will make sure that I do not get my.license back, and require more “treatment” (money). Who is this guy? then he picked on and bullied others, and a young girl untill she cried, (real tears), wtf ! On and on , airing everyone personal stuff from his files, while preaching the fairy tail of God bullshit, I can’t believe this is allowed in this day and age, something must done about this place, I have contacted my lawyer, I will be going to another NH treatment center, and when this is all said and done , I will be filing a law suit against amethyst.

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