AMG & Associates

AMG & Associates

AMG & Associates Asset Management GlobalStellar Wealth ManagementAutobahn Wealth & Associates Auto Subleasing Scam Irvine California!!. We were contacted by this company and guaranteed they would sublease our 2018 Mercedes Benz, make all the payments, provide insurance, have the car removed from our debt to income ratio. None of these promises have been fulfilled and we are now in debt for a $50k car and can’t get in touch with anyone from the company. Their documents are not legal, subleasing while leaving the car in your name is not legal, this is a scam. They do not have a business license and change their name and websites as soon as they get a few cars under each company name. Their website is already inactive and noone answers our phone calls. Please do not do business with this company. If anyone has already please contact me and the Irvine Police Department. The state of California needs to get control over this scam. It is growing and covering most of the larger cities.

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