AMG Auto, Inc.

AMG Auto, Inc.

WARNING TO FELLOW CONSUMERS… BUYER BEWARE….DO NOT BUY ANY VEHICLE FROM THIS FRAUDULENT DEALER. I HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING AND HAVE A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL BEEN SCREWED OVER BY BORIS GLICKSTEIN AND HIS COMPANY AMG AUTO. This is a fraudulent dealership that will do anything to take your money. I have been lied to by their GM Boris Glickstein on every occassion I am lucky enough to get through. They screen and block calls. Make their own positive face reviews on social sites. Read below to see what took place and you can see its a year later and i am STILL dealing with these crooks Boris Glickstein. | Purchased the card from on 1/18/17, paid in full $17,500 | AMG Auto, Inc 1020 US Hwy 22 Somerville, NJ 08876 | 908-333-6777 | Told them on the phone before I even drove up to Jersey that I am a serious buyer and want to know details of extended warranty. | I told them it was a must. My whole point was to but a nice car to have, get the extended warranty in case anything catastrophic happened, this way I will only have to pay for insurance and maintenance. | I bought the car along with the extended warranty 1/18/17, a few days after I called to speak to my salesguy on the phone about paperwork. He no longer works there due to shady practices he said as I was able to reach him on his cell phone and he said to take them to court b/c the warranty was invalid and they pushed it through just to sell the car. The place is clearly very unprofessional and getting a bad vibe, I tried to call up there getting paperwork that was late from them (which caused me to not be able to drive it) and they would pass me around, hang up on me, lie to me, had a big story about how lady in charge of paperwork quit. Seems like a lot of lies and employees are coming and going out of there. | So as it worked out after 40 days or so of having the car the check engine light goes on. My mechanic said they cleared the codes before they sold it to you so the check engine light wouldnt be on. | A few weeks later I was driving down the highway on the way home from work, my car shuts completely off, i swerved through traffic to get to side of the road. | I get it towed to my mechanic …they needed to do their own diagnostic. Since the engine as completely seized they called the inspector from the warranty company and they said this car should have never been issued the warranty in the first place and it it completely null and void. So not only did i pay thousands extra for the warranty, a warranty which sealed the deal on the purchase, as never valid in the first place. Had I known that i would have never bought the car, so the car was sold ot me under the false pretense everything was good. | Again if you have an issue you have to lie to them to pretend I was interested to buy a car and finally they handed me to Boris Glickstein ([email& 160;protected]). Boris Glickstein said something isnt right your car shouldn’t have died like that we will settle it. Don’t get lawyers involved we can settle this on our own he says to me. He wanted me send him everything in this email to him first to see what we can do, months go by an he does nothing. he said his lawyer was drfting the refund paperwork, which was taking over 2 months. | At this point I wanted to be done with this and told Bois Glickstein that since the warranty he sold me isnt valid for the car he sold me, I want the refund for the warranty. Didnt even mention reimbursement for the engine. He said he would be more than happy to refund the $2500 warranty. Two more months of calling emailing hasseling them trying to get in contact and still nothing. | I then spoke to a respected fraudulent car dealership law firm and they definately wants the case, in fact he knew the company and knows all about thier shady ways. He said you have a much bigger case then a simple refund for the warranty. | Trying to get this done and in the past I have now been calling daily, emailing daily, and they are completely creening me 100% of the way. Boris Glickstein is only there when someone is interested in paying thme money, if there is an issue post sale you will be treated like dirt. | I am making this post to warn everybody about htis company, i owuld never write so much detail to just throw them under the bus. These guys are as fraudulent as it gets when it comes ot dealerships and thats speaks volumes. | I hope Boris Glickstein sees this message, but I already know he will ignore me so it looks like a long lawsuit awaits our future, and we will be going for more than just the warranty. We have been contcated by multiple people who saw our review on google and we are now preparing the necessary paperwork needed for the lawyers. | This is no fun, YOU DO NOT WANT OT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE GUYS TRUUUST ME!!!!

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