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I am a victim of Australian Mutual Provident, also known as AMP (AXA), an Australian banking and financial services provider. Please note, my complaint is not necessarily a statement of facts, but my honest opinion based on my own experience and assumptions. In my honest opinion, I received a substandard, negligent, unethical, reckless and deceitful financial advice by an AMP’s (AXA’s) adviser, Paul Woodward, an authorised representative of Sydney Financial Planning (Charter Financial Planning) and AXA Financial Planning (currently AMP). Currently, Paul Woodward is an authorised representative of Patron Financial Advice (InFocus Wealth Management). | The advice I received from AMP (AXA) has had catastrophic consequences for me and my family. The financial advisor, Paul Woodward, who acted on behalf of AMP (AXA), first sold me an AXA superannuation product, which did not fit my investment profile, after enticing me to win a fake trip to Hawaii. The adviser, on behalf of AMP (AXA), also provided me a fake superannuation performance guarantee. The adviser Paul Woodward and AMP (AXA) put their interests first, and mine last. The only thing that mattered to them was to rip me off, no matter what it took to achieve that. Needless to say, the fund lost me money, and AMP (AXA) and Paul Woodward all made money off me and my misery. | AMP (AXA) and their adviser Paul Woodward also provided me with a substandard, wrongful, incompetent, reckless, negligent and deceitful advice regarding a NAB (MLC) Income Protection Insurance policy, which was designed to pay benefits in case an insured person became unable to work (at least one important duty) in their own profession. First they advised me (via their authorised representative Paul Woodward), with no proper justification and basis for that advice, to cancel my other, perfectly OK and suitable insurance policies, so that they could have an excuse to sell me their own insurance products. Then they pressured me to buy a NAB (MLC) Income Protection policy, to cover me in case I became unable to do my job. Then AMP / AXA (their authorised financial adviser Paul Woodward) amended / doctored the signed application form behind my back, without my knowledge or consent. | Now that I am seriously and chronically ill and unable to work, that policy turned out to be invalid, some seven years after its inception and after having paid thousands of dollars in premium fees to the insurer. I am left to die by AMP / AXA, unable to afford appropriate medical treatments. | AMP (AXA) performed an audit of their own authorised financial adviser Paul Woodward, who I am a victim of, several years ago. They sacked him one month after the audit. He admitted to me at the time, they had sacked him for some kind of wrongdoing / misconduct in relation to the provision of financial services. | To make things even worse, my own client file has mysteriously gone missing, as per the financial adviser Paul Woodward and AXA’s (AMP’s) own admissions. I can only assume it has been deliberately destroyed to cover up numerous wrongdoings – which is not fair. | Needless to say, AMP (AXA) were happy to turn a blind eye on all these breaches and irregularities, and financial destruction of innocent clients, as long as the financial adviser was bringing to AMP (AXA) more revenue, no matter how. Amazingly, on the other hand, in their fight against me, AXA (AMP) are claiming that the financial adviser in question was competent, diligent etc – in other words a great financial adviser. He cannot be both at the same time, on the one hand being sacked for the alleged and presumed incompetence and recklessness, and on the other hand, when it suits the AXA’s (AMP’s) arguments against me, the very same adviser cannot be highly competent, diligent, ethical etc. Their arguments are full of contradictions, and if it was not sad, it would be laughable. | AMP (AXA) did not care about doing the right thing. | Of most alarm, is the fact that AMP (AXA) permitted and enabled the financial adviser (Paul Woodward) to continue to provide financial services on their behalf, despite his alleged wrongdoings. | AMP (AXA) eventually sacked the adviser, Paul Woodward for some kind of financial services wrongdoing (as per his own admission). Patron Financial Advice (InFocus Wealth Management) have continued authorising the financial adviser to continue providing the financial advice – despite my complaint to them about the adviser’s various breaches, which is highly disappointing. | AMP (AXA) have declined to compensate me for the losses their errors and negligence caused me. Instead, they have dug in, fighting with me in court for six years already, using their unlimited financial muscles, trying to justify and reason that their actions and financial advice were ethical, competent and of a highest quality, and that their financial advisor was a great and competent financial adviser – something that is impossible to even attempt to justify with a clear conscience, especially in light of AMP (AXA) sacking that same financial adviser for, presumably, inappropriate and incompetent financial service practices. | I have written to the management of AMP (AXA), to plead with them to stop this insanity, to make it right and pay me my money so I could move on with my life. They have ignored all my requests. I have been treated as a sub-human, despite the fact it is AMP (AXA) who have got me into this situation in the first place. I have offered them multiple chances to rectify the wrong their organisation did to me. | My life is in ruins and my livelihood is destroyed as result of the wrongful, unethical, negligent, incompetent, deceitful and substandard advice provided by AMP (AXA). | I am now in a desperate situation, unable to afford all the treatments and medications I require, and on top of my multiple chronic illnesses, I have to fight a marathon court battle against two multinational, multi-billion dollar organisations. Every day is a living hell for me, caused by AMP (AXA) and their financial advisor Paul Woodward. I am slowly dying as a result of the AMP’s (AXA’s) actions. | Do NOT have any dealings with AMP (AXA). Stay away from them. Don’t trust AMP (AXA). And if you complain, they will only try to protect their interests and won’t protect you; won’t even apologize!! To them, you are not even a person, but a piece of paper. They could also destroy you and your life, and will just let you rot and die in order to protect their dollar and will do whatever it takes, no matter how morally corrupt, to cover up their incompetent, reckless, negligent and unethical practices.

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  1. Leonida Garrabrant
    June 17, 2020

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