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My primary focus is sexuality – it’s a fun topic and a key aspect of who we are. Sexuality is also a complex topic. Many parts of our lives influence our sexual thinking and behavior. Starting early in life, parents, schools, religion, peers, and media all impact our personal development. Who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and the way we share love with others are just a few of the many experiences molded by our sexual attitudes and experiences. You may not have learned about sex as a kid, but it’s never too late to receive healthy information about human sexuality.While I work with patients with long histories of mental illness, the majority of patients I see are at a high level of functioning but feeling empty, stressed, disconnected, or stuck in a rut. The first thing many people say is that the never thought they’d be sitting on a therapist’s couch.I will give you feedback. I will react. If something doesn’t make sense I’ll point it out. I’m compassionate and want to understand your story. When I do, I will help you learn to honor your authentic voice, and keep the plot moving towards a happy ending.

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